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Most breastfeeding moms will experience a clogged duct at some point during their breastfeeding journey!

What does it feel like? It typically will feel like a tender/painful, pea to marble sized lump in the breast.

What can you do? Try these 4 simple tips to bust that clog and get on with breastfeeding!

1. Heat + Lactation Massagers: Apply heat to the area (a heating pad, breast warmer or a warm, wet washcloth are all good options). Massage the duct with a lactation massager like the ones from @Fridamom and @Lavie!

2 Start every feeding on the affected breast for the next 12-24 hours or until the clogged duct feels better. Make sure to massage the duct while nursing!

3. Haakaa pump + Epsom Salts! Fill your @Haakaa pump (or any soft, silicone pump) with warm water and a few teaspoons of Epsom salts. Apply to the affected breast to help break up that clogged duct!

4. Try Sunflower Lecithin Supplements! We like the ones from @legendairymilk! For clogged ducts, recommended dosage is 1200mg 3-4 times/day. For daily maintenance, dosage is 1200mg 1-2 times/day.

Tried these tips and clogged duct still not getting better after 1-2 days? Reach out to your IBCLC or medical provider for an evaluation to make sure it isn’t something else.