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After Baby Classes

Our after baby classes can help you feel confident through all of your baby’s milestones! From newborn to toddlerhood and everything in between, we have a class for each new phase.

Classes for Babies (0-12 months)

Moms with babies in a circle

Happy Mom School : The Experts’ Guide to Life as Mom

An 8-week group for moms and their babies that supports, educates, and connects new moms!

  • Listen to expert speakers and meet other new moms
  • Groups curated based on baby’s birthday
  • Meets once a week for 8 weeks
  • Groups for first time moms and 2nd/3rd time moms
Prenatal Classes

Happy Boob Group: Breastfeeding Support Group

Led by an IBCLC, this laid-back open forum allows any breastfeeding mom to ask questions and learn tips and tricks for breastfeeding.

*For all breastfeeding moms

Yawning Baby

Sleep Soundly: In-Person Class

Learn to incorporate healthy sleep habits for napping and nighttime, so you can all achieve restful nights!

*For expectant families or families with infants under 12 weeks old.

Mom with Baby In Crib

Snooze Fest: Baby Sleep 101

Do you have a baby who takes short naps? Wakes several times a night? Struggles to fall asleep? This is the class for you! Learn how to create a consistent and practical sleep plan so everyone can start snoozing!

*For parents of babies 4 – 12 months.

Baby On Tummy

Happy Baby: Tummy Time & Play

A time to play together! Explore how to play with your infant and enjoy tummy time together.

*For families and babies 0-6 months.

baby With Beanie

Happy Baby: Move & Play

Bond and play with your growing baby! Learn how to promote crawling and engage in activities that parents and babies can happily do together to support development.

*For families and babies 6-12 months.

Baby In Highchair

Infant Feeding: The Baby-Led Way

Start your baby on solid foods with confidence. Learn trusted techniques, so you’ll feel safe introducing finger foods to your baby.

*For parents of babies ages 2-8 months.

Little Language Learners: Storytime for Babies

You and your baby will love this fun and interactive baby storytime. In each session we’ll explore age-appropriate vocabulary through playful activities and engaging storytelling. With colorful visuals, early language models, and easy-to-adapt concepts, our sessions are perfect for fostering early development.

*For caregivers of babies ages 0-12 months.

Classes for Toddlers (12-36 months)

Toddler Chelsea

All Things Discipline: Loving and Practical Solutions for Toddlerhood

Learn effective methods of discipline, when to start, and how to implement age-appropriate boundaries successfully.

*For parents with children 18 months – 3 years old.

Toddler On Potty

Potty Training 101

Learn how to prepare, plan, and succeed with potty training.

*For parents with children 18 months – 3 years old.

Mom with toddler on her lap for a mom and toddler reading class.

Little Language Learners: Storytime for Toddlers

Create a love for reading in this fun and interactive toddler storytime. In each session we will focus on introducing new vocabulary words, expanding language through modeling, learning pre-literacy skills, plus engaging activities to help stimulate learning.

*For caregivers of children 12 months – 3 years old.

Online Classes

Baby With Pacifier

Sleep Soundly: Online Course

Learn to incorporate healthy sleep habits for napping and nighttime, so you can all achieve restful nights!

*For expectant families or families with infants under 12 weeks old.

Laurel Dimple Baby

Happy Baby: Tummy Time & Play: Online Course

Learn about every stage of development from 0-6 months. This online course will introduce you to purposeful and fun playtime activities to support each stage.

*For expectant families or families with babies 0-6 months.

After Baby Classes - 1

Mom and Baby Classes Scottsdale: Connect and Grow

Check out our curated classes mommy and me classes, like Happy Mom School and our Happy Baby Classes! Strengthen the bond with your little one, make new mom friends, and navigate the ups and downs of motherhood in a supportive environment.

Infant Classes: Your Baby’s First Year

From first smiles to first steps, our mom and baby classes provide hands-on guidance and expert advice to ensure you feel supported during these foundational months. Create memories and learn invaluable insights about your infant’s growth.

After Baby Classes - 2
Embracing Toddlerhood

Parenting Classes: Embracing Toddlerhood

As your baby transitions to a toddler, embark on this new adventure with our specialized toddler classes. From managing tantrums to fostering independence, we’ve got you covered!

Educational Approach: Confidence Through Learning

At Modern Milk, we believe knowledge is power. Our down-to-earth, evidence-based classes will help you feel confident and empowered in your parenthood journey!

After Baby Classes - 4
After Baby Classes - 5

Serving the Valley with Love and Expertise

Although we are located in Scottsdale, families travel from all over the Valley to attend our classes! Modern Milk is the Valley leader when it comes to our dedication to family and baby well-being. Become a part of our community, where every parent’s journey is honored and celebrated.