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Happy Mom School

The Experts' Guide to Life as Mom

Happy Mom School - Graduates

Happy Mom School: The Experts’ Guide to Life as Mom

An 8-week group for moms and their babies that supports, educates, and connects new moms!

Join us as we make new friends, laugh, cry and learn how to be the best moms we can be – and have FUN while doing it!

Mom Group

Happy Mom School: The Experts’ Guide to Life as a 2nd / 3rd Time Mom

This group is structured exactly the same as our original Happy Mom School, but with the repeat mom in mind. Not only will you connect with other mamas who are juggling multiple kiddos, but our group leader and experts will also incorporate information geared towards the repeat mama.

Big group of women and babies at new moms group

Why Join our Happy Mom School “New Moms Group” in Scottsdale?

Every new mom embarks on a unique journey filled with its own sets of joys and challenges. By joining our Happy Mom School “new moms group,” you’ll get the opportunity to share experiences, support, and advice with local moms from around the valley. The bonus? You’re in a safe and supportive space surrounded by expert guidance.

Expert Insights Every Week

One of the standout features of our Happy Mom School “new moms group”  is our roster of expert speakers. Each week, you’ll have the chance to hear from and interact with industry professionals ranging from physical therapists to newborn sleep experts. We’re passionate about providing up-to-date, relevant, and actionable knowledge to empower every mom to thrive in her role.

Mom's sitting next to each other at new mom's group
Mom sitting on the floor holding sleeping baby in her arms

Bond with Your Little One and Fellow Moms

The developing bond between mom and new baby is at the heart of our Happy Mom School. Not only do our sessions allow for quality time with your infant, but they also provide opportunities to connect with fellow moms. These relationships often turn into lifelong friendships as you navigate the early stages of motherhood together.

Personalized Groups Based on Your Baby's Age

Our mom groups are curated based on your baby’s birthday. This ensures you’re in a group with moms facing similar developmental milestones, sleep patterns, and challenges. This tailored approach fosters more relatable conversations, shared insights, and a cohesive support system.

Little boy in striped onesie on moms lap at Happy Mom School
Baby sleeping in blanket with Mom's hand on chest

Down-to-Earth, Supportive, and Fun-filled Sessions

True to the Modern Milk brand, our sessions are a blend of education, down-to-earth conversations, and genuine support. Whether you’re sharing a laugh, shedding a tear, or having an aha moment, we ensure every mom leaves feeling more confident, connected, and equipped to rock the world of motherhood. Come, let’s embark on this joyous journey, one session at a time!