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Calling all new and expecting moms…

How to Prepare, Navigate, Troubleshoot, and Succeed in Your New Journey of Breastfeeding.

No pain, no stress, no latch issues, and no unknowns. Everything you need to know in today’s modern breastfeeding world.

Finally, a doctor-recommended, IBCLC-created, on-demand breastfeeding support program that’s trusted by nurse practitioners and proven by thousands of now-confident mamas…

Judgment-free and binge-able in one sitting for you to take action NOW
and get your baby happily fed today.

“Breastfeeding is hard, and you’ll feel so much more prepared by taking this course.”

Dr. Danielle GarvinND, Pediatrician

You have no doubt that you want to breastfeed your child.

  • But what happens if you can’t?
  • Or if you have trouble?
  • Or when you don’t have a good supply?
  • Or when your baby can’t latch correctly?
  • Or when you’re engorged and don’t know what to do?
  • Or when the advice you’re getting is all inconsistent?
  • Or when you can’t book in right away with a consultant?
  • Or when it could be a simple fix, like a slide of your hand or a reposition…

…But you JUST. DON’T. KNOW?!

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Right now, today – you’re in the trenches of one of these two situations:

No judgment on the time of day, condition of your house, or your current hair status. Wherever you’re at on the journey… BEEN THERE.
(Think I speak for all moms on that one!)

1. Prep Mode

You’re getting organized before your baby comes and want to consume as much knowledge as you can. SMART! (And I will say, as a previous delivery nurse, I could always tell the mamas who came in to give birth having this pre-knowledge. They were always more confident and were able to ask more needle-moving questions)

You’re excited to be a mom, and you have strong values to prepare the best you can to meet your family’s health and breastfeeding goals. Right now, you’re working hard to balance your current days by preparing for baby in the near future. ❤️

2. Help Mode

Fellow mama, you’re IN IT right now. Whether you had a breastfeeding plan coming into this or not, and regardless if you’ve sought out other forms of help – you’re currently in the thick of things and need some immediate help.

Maybe it’s latching difficulties, milk supply issues, flat, inverted, or painful nipples, engorgement, blocked ducts, the demand of juggling other responsibilities – or for whatever other valid reason that’s derailed your plans… it’s not going smoothly. And you need proven, trusted, implementable help NOW.

We can help you, Mama.
You’re in the right place.

And while we’re at it, can I first take a moment to tell you that YOU’RE DOING AMAZING?!

As a result of all of that - you’re closer than you think to getting this.

Truly. A huge kudos to you for what you’ve *already* been through, And an extra head nod for rising from the noise and seeking out help….

Because let me share that any struggles you’re currently having are completely, painstakingly normal.

One BIG thing we stand for here at Modern Milk is to meet you where you’re at on your individual breastfeeding journey.

No judgment, no opinions, no “one way” of how to do it right. Instead, it's about medical-based facts, rich (and unbiased) human insight, uncovering the unknown, and leveraging community support to make it work for YOU.

Myth: “Breastfeeding will come naturally, or I’ll just try it and see what happens.”

TRUTH: Breastfeeding is often perceived as an instinctual process, but the reality is that it doesn't come naturally for most mothers and babies. It’s like an unexpected exam; without preparation - talk about overwhelm and stress! The actions you take in the initial days postpartum can significantly influence your milk supply and overall breastfeeding success, as well as the likelihood of wanting to give up prematurely. Knowledge is power, and understanding breastfeeding nuances is key to a smoother, more successful experience for you both.

Myth: “Nurses will help me in the hospital with breastfeeding.”

TRUTH: Nurses might often be too occupied with other responsibilities to offer extensive support and provide you with the time and space you need... Additionally, it’s not uncommon if they aren’t specialized in breastfeeding or simply don’t have the interest and dedication to this topic, leaving gaps in knowledge prior to getting discharged.

Myth: “I can get lots of advice from my doctor and pediatrician.”

TRUTH: Sure, but the tough part here is time and implementation. Often, when we're in a practitioner's office sharing our troubles, their response is simply, "try this instead…". But are they going to sit with you to implement it? Are they going to spend time helping you get it right? No - you typically need to book another appointment, and everything going forward just becomes reactionary trial-and-error rather than giving you a safe space to solve problems in REAL time.

Myth: My sister (or friend!) just had a baby, and will tell me everything I need to know.”

TRUTH: Breastfeeding is a unique experience for each mother and child, and what works for one may not work for another. Advice from friends, while well-intentioned, is often based on personal experiences and opinions that may not apply to your situation. Just as every birth journey is unique, so is the process of breastfeeding. To put this in perspective - if your friend never had to deal with mastitis or latching, then they wouldn’t be providing you with the most sound advice.

Myth: “My prenatal classes provide enough preparation for breastfeeding.”

TRUTH: Prenatal classes only touch briefly on breastfeeding - usually offering general information. However, breastfeeding is a complex process that often requires more detailed, personalized instruction and support. You can choose the “make it easier” button when you give yourself the gift of knowledge through specialized resources, so you can confidently navigate the diverse challenges (and joys!) of breastfeeding.

Giving light to these myths is not only doing all mamas a disservice, but they’re hindering their ability to bring in a full, consistent milk supply.

Did you know how crucial your first few days are once your baby is born?! It 100% sets the stage for your supply - because the more you can make at the beginning, the more your body tells you to make going forward! (and sadly, vice versa)

For all of this and more, it inspired me to help all walks of breastfeeding mamas. It started small with friends, then grew with our popular baby wellness center throughout Arizona, to now helping women worldwide…

…So they could ALL become successful, confident, and in control of how they feed their baby!


I’m typically an exclamation over-indulger, so I’ll try to keep them to a minimum here!.. 😉

There I was - a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Delivery Nurse, and *I* was struggling as a first-time breastfeeding mom. Even having such a strong background with babies, I quickly realized that breastfeeding was a whole different ball game.

And I knew if I was struggling, I couldn’t imagine how many mamas out there were struggling, too. And that’s when Modern Milk was born - from the sheer desire to bring mamas together and serve. All mamas with all values, because at the end of the day - we all just want to feed our babies successfully and confidently, so they can grow strong and do amazing things in this world.

I’m honored that you’re here to do just that…


Mamas Milk Mastery

Breastfeeding Program

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The quick-shot, get-what-you-need-NOW solution for mothers who desire joyful, confident, and successful breastfeeding. Sidestep the pain, worry, guilt, and the unflattering world of incorrectly treated breastfeeding problems.

Perfect for expecting moms, new moms and repeat moms— especially those craving more knowledge or otherwise facing unique breastfeeding challenges.

Gorgeously produced for quick implementation.

“I *love* the online portal because it doesn’t add another in-person thing to my day. I have enough things taking up my weekend - now I get to take this in on my own time, when it’s convenient for me.”

Madeline Dolgin

After binging Mamas Milk Mastery like a Thrilling Netflix Original Special…

You will...

  • Achieve successful, stress-free feedings, ensuring your baby is content and well-nourished so you can relish the joy of a satisfied, thriving infant in your first weeks of breastfeeding
  • Navigate every breastfeeding hurdle with ease, confidently sidestepping common (and uncommon) issues like latching problems, milk supply concerns, or unknown pains
  • Develop the skills to read and respond to your baby’s hunger cues accurately, leading to effective, full feedings and consistent daily routines
  • Experience a nourishing bond with your baby through proficient breastfeeding, directly contributing to their well-being and yours
  • Transform your breastfeeding journey into a story of triumph and joy, where you know what to expect, how to handle changes with both your baby and your body, and continue to navigate the unknowns with knowledge and optimism

If you’re like me, you probably want to know what exactly is covered in the Mamas Milk Mastery Course.

Let’s break it down module by module:

Module 1: Unlocking the Secrets for a Rock Solid Foundation

Buckle up for the miraculous journey of breastfeeding, where we dive into the magic of your body and breast milk production. You’ll uncover why it’s often called ‘baby’s first vaccine’ and how it offers unparalleled protection for your little one’s developing immune system – taking in everything that’s vital to prepare you for this new phase. We’ll also cut through the clutter of breastfeeding gear, guiding you to only the essentials that support your breastfeeding goals (versus what’s unnecessary or just “extra”). This module is designed to set a solid foundation for your breastfeeding experience, ensuring you start with confidence and knowledge.

Walk away with...

  • A deeper brilliance of the immune-boosting benefits of breast milk for your baby, and the fascinating changes your body undergoes so you can adapt accordingly
  • Practical advice on choosing the right breastfeeding supplies, including selecting and obtaining a breast pump at no cost
  • Clear understanding of how much to feed your baby at each stage
  • Strategies to build a supportive environment for breastfeeding, involving family, friends, and healthcare professionals
  • Realistic breastfeeding goals and the know-how to advocate for your health with your support network

Time commitment: 10 minutes total (switch to 1.5x to consume it quicker!). Watch, implement, and re-watch until you’re confident and content

Happy Moms

Module 2: Mastering the Dance: The Art & Science of Breastfeeding

You’ll tackle the practical ‘how-tos’ of breastfeeding, with the strength and ability to answer your humming questions – what if my milk supply seems low? What if I’m in discomfort? What if my baby seems frustrated at certain times of the day? By breaking down the biological processes into understandable parts (promise, no confusing jargon here), we equip you with the know-how to master the letdown reflex, which can be as unpredictable as a baby’s first smile. You’ll also uncover how to work with your unique breast shape for effective latching, a common hurdle for many new moms. Understanding the science behind your milk’s changing composition means you’ll be ready to adapt to your baby’s growing appetite with gusto, promising a smoother experience and more bonding for both of you.

Walk away with...

  • Practical skills to manage and stimulate milk production, overcoming any low supply concerns that come your way, and providing reassurance for those moments when you’re unsure if everything is going as it should
  • Solutions for varied breast and nipple types, turning potential latching problems into success stories
  • Day-by-day understanding of milk composition, helping you to recognize the signs of a well-fed baby (and ALL the practical strategies to handle the natural ebb and flow of your milk throughout the day and night)
  • Ready-to-use techniques for encouraging your baby’s instinctive breastfeeding behaviors
  • Ability to interpret your baby’s unique signals and natural reflexes to your advantage, so you can adjust your breastfeeding technique to suit your body’s changes and your baby’s growing needs

Time commitment: 10 minutes total (switch to 1.5x to consume it quicker!) It’s usually here that you can discover, diagnose, and fix any personal setbacks – even before a lactation appointment becomes available!

Module 3: Latch Like a Pro: Finding the Perfect Position for You and Baby

Hit play on detailed, step-by-step guidance for achieving a proper latch—a fundamental skill to ensure effective and comfortable breastfeeding. Understand the nuances of how to position your baby’s mouth and how to adjust for different breast and nipple shapes. You’ll arm yourself with various breastfeeding positions, each designed to cater to different situations (such as post-C-section) and to address common challenges like latching difficulties. You’ll gain momentum by learning how to adapt these positions for your comfort and your baby’s feeding style, making every feeding session smoother and more rewarding.

Walk away with...

  • Expertise in achieving and maintaining a deep, comfortable latch, crucial for efficient feeding and preventing discomfort
  • A repertoire of breastfeeding positions, tailored for different needs and environments, enhancing your flexibility – making each feed less awkward and more enjoyable
  • Practical tips for adapting each position to suit your body and your baby’s unique feeding habits, including a skillset to correct a shallow latch
  • Confidence and knowledge to enlist in the right help from lactation consultants and interpret what you really need
  • Empowerment even beyond the mechanics, so you can step into true mama mode, respond to your baby correctly, and turn breastfeeding into an intuitive and fulfilling experience

Time commitment: 11 minutes total (switch to 1.5x to consume it quicker!).

Jump to this specific module if you…

Don’t know if your baby has a good latch or unsure if it’s correct, want to know different feeding positions for different times, need to improve the comfort of your breastfeeding space, are unsure how to make this journey successful…

Module 3
Module 4

Module 4: Baby’s First Feast: Thriving in Your First Days

Welcome to your first few days of breastfeeding – a time filled with both challenges and profound bonding opportunities. Here, you’ll uncover the “SIMPLE” Framework, a structured approach to help you navigate this critical period with confidence. You’ll also get ahold of practical aspects of how to monitor your baby’s well-being through diaper changes and weight patterns, offering peace of mind that your baby is thriving. For mothers who might be separated from their babies, such as those with infants in the NICU or facing medical issues, you’ll receive guidance on pumping and maintaining milk supply.

Walk away with...

  • Strategies for maximizing skin-to-skin contact to boost milk production and foster a deep connection with your baby in the crucial early days
  • Techniques for initiating breastfeeding promptly after delivery, even in special circumstances like a C-section
  • A clear understanding of the feeding frequency required in the early days to establish a healthy milk supply
  • Tips for handling the physical changes when your milk comes and guidance on monitoring your baby’s intake
  • Solutions for breastfeeding when separated from your baby, including effective pumping and hand expression methods

Time commitment: 19 minutes total (switch to 1.5x to consume it quicker!)

Jump here when you have questions like…

What do I do in my first few days? When will my milk come in? What should my feeding frequency and volume be? Is my baby getting enough milk? What if I’m separated from my baby? What if my baby is sleeping and should be eating? What do I need to do to feel instrumentally more confident?

Module 5: Tuning into Baby: Decoding Hunger Cues and Feeding Rhythms

You’re doing great, mama! You’re now off to the races by unlocking hunger signs from your baby (some of these you’ll need to pay close attention to see!), and you’ll elevate your skills with dynamic, hands-on techniques like unique breast massages and compression for more effective techniques.

You’ll embrace new turns with confidence, such as cluster feeding and growth spurts, and you’ll step into a world of bottles and pacifiers, learning how to introduce them without missing a beat in your breastfeeding routine.

Walk away with...

  • Skills to identify and respond to your baby’s hunger cues promptly, making feedings more efficient and less stressful
  • Hand techniques to enhance milk transfer to keep your baby actively feeding
  • Understanding of cluster feeding and how to manage it correctly
  • Practical tips for maintaining and boosting milk supply, including when to add pumping sessions
  • Insights into newborn sleep patterns and how to integrate them with your breastfeeding schedule
  • A burst of knowledge on introducing bottles and pacifiers, ensuring they complement rather than complicate breastfeeding

Time commitment: 9 minutes total (switch to 1.5x to consume it quicker!)

Watch, implement, and re-watch until you’re confident and content

Moms Playing
Module 6

Module 6: Nurturing the Nurturer: Self-Care Secrets for the Nursing Mother

Time to dig into the often-overlooked aspect of breastfeeding: maternal self-care and proper post-partum. Bolster your knowledge on your adequate calorie intake and hydration, supplements, food sensitivities, the right level of exercise, as well as caffeine and alcohol introduction. You’ll lock into a loaded wellspring of nutritional and mindfulness practices to boost your energy and bonding experience.

Walk away with...

  • Practical tips for maintaining a healthy diet and hydration level, emphasizing the importance of self-nourishment for both you and your baby
  • Guidance on essential supplements to replenish nutrients depleted by breastfeeding
  • Strategies for identifying and managing your baby’s food sensitivities
  • Supportive instructions on safely consuming alcohol and caffeine while breastfeeding, including timing and quantity considerations
  • Advice on integrating exercise into your routine postpartum, with tips on balancing fitness goals while maintaining a healthy milk supply
  • Energy surges and a self-care plan that you actually implement <3

Time commitment: 7 minutes total (switch to 1.5x to consume it quicker!)

Watch, implement, and re-watch until you’re confident and content

“It was a rough (really rough) four days of trying to breastfeed my newborn… and then I finally found this program. Stephanie helped everything become clear, and I finally realized how to feed my baby correctly. This course is absolutely essential for all new mothers, especially those who are breastfeeding.”

Jenny B

This program contains over 40+ fact-based, engaging, and beautifully produced mini video trainings that get to the point without any fluff.

Mamas Milk Mastery is like a rapid-fire session with your trusted consultant… but here, you can pause, rewind, and re-watch – all on your own time

Easy access to find what you need, diagnose problems, gain confidence, and rock your breastfeeding adventure like a boss.

Alongside your core training, you’ll ALSO snag these bonuses, that are necessary for EVERY mamas toolkit…

BONUS MODULE: Breastfeeding 911 [VALUE $79]

Your on-demand bonus training is cozied up in your dashboard for you to refer back to for addressing crucial, specific, and in-depth issues, including…

  • Sore nipples
  • Engorgement
  • Plugged Ducts
  • Mastitis
  • Thrush
  • Milk Blisters
  • Over Supply
  • Newborn Jaundice
  • Mom life
  • Other Breastfeeding Problems

Bookmark this critical bonus, so you can nip any issue in the bud (especially before it becomes an even bigger problem). This is your one-stop shop with detailed advice on management and prevention.

Breastfeeding 911

BONUS: Your Breastfeeding Power Guide + Tracking Log [VALUE $47]

The proprietary Power Guide is all yours – packed with key course takeaways and tips for quick reference. Plus, your unique Breastfeeding Tracking Log is your hub for tracking daily feeds (our members LOVE the simple reminders and ease of use).

Let’s Recap Everything That’s Included…

Stack Image

The entire Mamas Milk Mastery On-Demand Program

($397 VALUE)
  • Module 1 – Unlocking the Secrets for a Rock Solid Foundation
  • Module 2 – Mastering the Dance: The Art & Science of Breastfeeding
  • Module 3 – Latch Like a Pro: Finding the Perfect Position for You and Baby
  • Module 4 – Baby’s First Feast: Thriving in Your First Days
  • Module 5 – Tuning into Baby: Decoding Hunger Cues and Feeding Rhythms
  • Module 6 – Nurturing the Nurturer: Self-Care Secrets for the Nursing Mother

BONUS MODULE: Breastfeeding 911

($79 Value)

BONUS GUIDES: Your Breastfeeding Power Guide + Tracking Log

($47 Value)

Unlimited Access to full curriculum and bonuses
(revisit for future questions or with future children)


Total Value: $523

Today's Price: $97

This was the one solution that enabled me to have a wonderful breastfeeding relationship with my son.

I suffered mastitis and was devastated that I couldn't breastfeed. To make matters worse, I met with different lactation providers who advised me to rebuild my supply at an unrealistic pumping schedule, alongside tongue tie surgery, which I didn't feel right about. I'm so grateful that I found this program!!! The actionable plans fit our lifestyle, and Stephanie's guidance helped my son learn to breastfeed on time (no surgery needed!). Modern Milk enabled me to have a wonderful breastfeeding relationship with my son. I'm forever grateful for their guidance!

Annika H.
Steph With Baby

From One Mom to Another: Our Promise To You

Mamas, and Mamas-to-be…

At Modern Milk, we deeply understand the beautiful, yet challenging path of breastfeeding. We’ve poured our heart and expertise into this program, knowing its power will positively impact your breastfeeding experience. That’s why we’re offering you a comforting 30-day money-back guarantee – think of it as our commitment period, just for you.

We want you to feel at ease and supported as you explore our course. If, within your entire month, you feel that the program isn’t aligning with your needs or expectations, we’re here to make things right with a hassle-free refund. It’s that simple – no strings attached.

Trust and transparency are what we value most. We’re excited for you to start this journey with us, confident that you have the freedom and flexibility to decide what’s best for you and your baby. We know this program has incredible value and want you to feel confident enrolling in it.

From our home office to your home nursery – you’ve got this, mama!

Breastfeeding is a small period of time with profound, lasting effects…

Let’s make sure you conquer it quickly and confidently

Have any more Questions?
Let me tackle them…

What if I just want to hire a lactation consultant - do I still need this course?

Hiring a lactation consultant is a great option, and this course is designed to enhance that experience if you choose to hire one! It equips you with foundational knowledge and practical tips, so if you consult a professional, you’re already informed, prepared, and ready to make the most of your session. It’s about empowering you with confidence and understanding before you even step into the consultant’s office.

But I have no time - how am I supposed to add an online program to my day?

Our program is designed for busy moms like you. Each module is just 10 minutes long, offering quick, yet in-depth insights. It’s like having a condensed, effective lactation consultation at your fingertips, whenever you need it! You get to watch on *your* terms, rather than catering to anyone else’s schedule 🙂

Can someone else buy this program for me?

Yes, definitely! This program makes a perfect, thoughtful gift for expecting moms and can easily be included in your baby registry. It’s a gift of love and support for the new journey ahead that we know *every* mom will benefit from.

When is it best to take this course?

Ideally, during your second or third trimester. However, you know what they say – the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second best time is today <3. Whether you’re expecting your baby soon, already in the midst of breastfeeding, or have tried previously but were unsuccessful – this program is designed to provide you with support and guidance, tailored to your stage in the motherhood journey.

Do I have to hunker down and watch this course in order?

Nope! The curriculum was created to meet you exactly where you’re at. If you’re currently having latching issues, then jump right to that lesson! Struggling with sore nipples? There’s a lesson for that! OR you can absolutely sit back and binge the training from beginning to end, which you can complete in less than an hour. It’s made for you, at your pace, for your exact season of life.

If we haven’t answered your question yet, please shoot us an email at, and I’ll make sure we personally respond within 24 hours!

Tess H.

"A brilliant program to get your sea legs and understand exactly what you need to know. It helps build massive confidence because you now know what applies to *you* rather than hearing something from others that may not be correct. It answers all your unknowns in the most manageable amount of time!"

Whitney N.

Today's Price: $97

A quick check-in about the convenience and manageability of this powerful online program…

Navigating motherhood is all about finding convenient, reliable solutions, especially when it comes to breastfeeding. Mamas Milk Mastery offers exactly that for you - unparalleled ease and accessibility.

No waiting for bookings.

No bundling up your baby for an outside visit.

Here, you get answers quickly, can understand your next steps, and are able to take control immediately.

Mamas Milk Mastery fits into YOUR schedule, not the other way around. Watch, pause, rewatch, and access the content whenever you need it, day or (mid)night. It's tailored for the busy mom's life – concise, clear, and under an hour to complete. We’re all about providing empowerment at your fingertips.

The average completion rate for Mamas Milk Mastery is 81%

(which is a far cry from the industry average of 5%)

And our in-person classes sell out every single month.

These stats alone are how we know our program works.

Let’s Recap Everything That’s Included…

Stack Image

The entire Mamas Milk Mastery On-Demand Program

($397 VALUE)
  • Module 1 – Unlocking the Secrets for a Rock Solid Foundation
  • Module 2 – Mastering the Dance: The Art & Science of Breastfeeding
  • Module 3 – Latch Like a Pro: Finding the Perfect Position for You and Baby
  • Module 4 – Baby’s First Feast: Thriving in Your First Days
  • Module 5 – Tuning into Baby: Decoding Hunger Cues and Feeding Rhythms
  • Module 6 – Nurturing the Nurturer: Self-Care Secrets for the Nursing Mother

BONUS MODULE: Breastfeeding 911

($79 Value)

BONUS GUIDES: Your Breastfeeding Power Guide + Tracking Log

($47 Value)

Unlimited Access to full curriculum and bonuses
(revisit for future questions or with future children)


Total Value: $523

Today's Price: $97

Who is the program BEST for?

  • Pregnant, soon-to-be-mamas who are preparing for baby and want to feel more confident and educated in their new phase of life
  • Brand-new moms within the first 2 weeks after delivery who are overwhelmed, struggling, or could otherwise use a little extra support from the comfort of their home
  • Second-time moms who struggled to breast-feed with their first baby and are determined to get it this time around
  • Overall, it’s for the mama who wants to feel confident about breastfeeding, and understands the importance of getting it right for their baby’s health and nutrition

Let’s formally meet if we haven’t already!

Hi, I'm Stephanie, a mom to two amazing girls, wife to my high school sweetheart, and your go-to expert for all things breastfeeding. As a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner and IBCLC, I specialize in making breastfeeding simple, successful, and fact-based – because I know how precious your time is to get this right.

After experiencing my own challenges with breastfeeding, I realized the need for straightforward, efficient guidance that fits into the busy life of a mom. That’s why I designed my course to be as quick and consumable as a baby nap (equivalent to the length of a Real Housewives episode!) You can breeze through it with a baby resting on your chest, gaining confidence and skills in no time.

At Modern Milk, and through my online program, I embrace a balanced, 'middle-of-the-road' approach to breastfeeding. I provide you with the facts and techniques, then support you in finding what works best for *you* and your baby. There’s no one-size-fits-all here, just real, adaptable strategies for real moms.

Welcome to a world where breastfeeding is demystified, and your motherhood journey is celebrated in all its forms.

Breastfeeding 911

This is more than simply learning the mechanics of breastfeeding… You're embracing a journey of deep connection and lifelong bonding with your little one.

Step into your remarkable transformation
in less than a few short days, hours, and minutes.

Today's Price: $97

A Final Note from Stephanie,

I've been in your shoes - feeling both the excitement and the apprehension that comes with breastfeeding. There’s a lot of emotion around these caregiving moments (and hey, our hormones don’t make things easy at the best of times right now!)

But I need you to know something important….

It’s clear that you’ve already done so much of the challenging work to get here - because, at the end of the day, you’re giving life to something more profound than anyone could imagine.

You and I both know you’re already on the path to becoming the mother you've always wanted to be.

And after helping thousands of other moms just like you - arrive there faster, with more peace, ease, and happiness - that’s why I also know that Mamas Milk Mastery is your champion on those quiet, intimate moments in the dead of night, as well as your cheerleader during the brighter, sunny milestones.

So, we invite you to take this step, not out of fear, but out of love for what awaits on the other side – a happy, well-fed baby, and a mother who conquered her doubts with grace and strength.

Celebrating every victory,