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Calling all new and expecting moms of 2024…

How to Prepare, Navigate, Troubleshoot, and Succeed in Your New Journey of Breastfeeding.

No pain, no stress, no latch issues, and no unknowns. Everything you need to know in today’s modern breastfeeding world.

Finally, a doctor-recommended, IBCLC-created, on-demand breastfeeding support program that’s trusted by nurse practitioners and proven by thousands of now-confident mamas…

Judgment-free and binge-able in one sitting for you to take action NOW
and get your baby happily fed today.

Breastfeeding is hard, and you’ll feel so more prepared by taking this course.

Dr. Danielle Garvin
Mom and baby classes

You have no doubt that you want to breastfeed your child.

  • But what happens if you can’t?
  • Or if you have trouble?
  • Or when you don’t have a good supply?
  • Or when your baby can’t latch correctly?
  • Or when you’re engorged and don’t know what to do?
  • Or when the advice you’re getting is all inconsistent?
  • Or when you can’t book in right away with a consultant?
  • Or when it could be a simple fix, like a slide of your hand or a reposition…

…But you JUST. DON’T. KNOW?!

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Right now, today – you’re in the trenches of one of these two situations:

No judgment on the time of day, condition of your house, or your current hair status. Wherever you’re at on the journey… BEEN THERE.
(Think I speak for all moms on that one!)

1. Prep Mode

You’re getting organized before your baby comes and want to consume as much knowledge as you can. SMART! (And I will say, as a previous delivery nurse, I could always tell the mamas who came in to give birth having this pre-knowledge. They were always more confident and were able to ask more needle-moving questions)

You’re excited to be a mom, and you have strong values to prepare the best you can to meet your family’s health and breastfeeding goals. Right now, you’re working hard to balance your current days by preparing for baby in the near future. ❤️

2. Help Mode

Fellow mama, you’re IN IT right now. Whether you had a breastfeeding plan coming into this or not, and regardless if you’ve sought out other forms of help – you’re currently in the thick of things and need some immediate help.

Maybe it’s latching difficulties, milk supply issues, flat, inverted, or painful nipples, engorgement, blocked ducts, the demand of juggling other responsibilities – or for whatever other valid reason that’s derailed your plans… it’s not going smoothly. And you need proven, trusted, implementable help NOW.

We can help you, Mama.
You’re in the right place.

And while we’re at it, can I first take a moment to tell you that YOU’RE DOING AMAZING?!

As a result of all of that - you’re closer than you think to getting this.

Truly. A huge kudos to you for what you’ve *already* been through, And an extra head nod for rising from the noise and seeking out help….

Because let me share that any struggles you’re currently having are completely, painstakingly normal.

One BIG thing we stand for here at Modern Milk is to meet you where you’re at on your individual breastfeeding journey.

No judgment, no opinions, no “one way” of how to do it right. Instead, it's about medical-based facts, rich (and unbiased) human insight, uncovering the unknown, and leveraging community support to make it work for YOU.

Myth: “Breastfeeding will come naturally, or I’ll just try it and see what happens.”

TRUTH: Breastfeeding is often perceived as an instinctual process, but the reality is that it doesn't come naturally for most mothers and babies. It’s like an unexpected exam; without preparation - talk about overwhelm and stress! The actions you take in the initial days postpartum can significantly influence your milk supply and overall breastfeeding success, as well as the likelihood of wanting to give up prematurely. Knowledge is power, and understanding breastfeeding nuances is key to a smoother, more successful experience for you both.

Myth: “Nurses will help me in the hospital with breastfeeding.”

TRUTH: Nurses might often be too occupied with other responsibilities to offer extensive support and provide you with the time and space you need... Additionally, it’s not uncommon if they aren’t specialized in breastfeeding or simply don’t have the interest and dedication to this topic, leaving gaps in knowledge prior to getting discharged.

Myth: “I can get lots of advice from my doctor and pediatrician.”

TRUTH: Sure, but the tough part here is time and implementation. Often, when we're in a practitioner's office sharing our troubles, their response is simply, "try this instead…". But are they going to sit with you to implement it? Are they going to spend time helping you get it right? No - you typically need to book another appointment, and everything going forward just becomes reactionary trial-and-error rather than giving you a safe space to solve problems in REAL time.

Myth: My sister (or friend!) just had a baby, and will tell me everything I need to know.”

TRUTH: Breastfeeding is a unique experience for each mother and child, and what works for one may not work for another. Advice from friends, while well-intentioned, is often based on personal experiences and opinions that may not apply to your situation. Just as every birth journey is unique, so is the process of breastfeeding. To put this in perspective - if your friend never had to deal with mastitis or latching, then they wouldn’t be providing you with the most sound advice.

Myth: “My prenatal classes provide enough preparation for breastfeeding.”

TRUTH: Prenatal classes only touch briefly on breastfeeding - usually offering general information. However, breastfeeding is a complex process that often requires more detailed, personalized instruction and support. You can choose the “make it easier” button when you give yourself the gift of knowledge through specialized resources, so you can confidently navigate the diverse challenges (and joys!) of breastfeeding.

Giving light to these myths is not only doing all mamas a disservice, but they’re hindering their ability to bring in a full, consistent milk supply.

Did you know how crucial your first few days are once your baby is born?! It 100% sets the stage for your supply - because the more you can make at the beginning, the more your body tells you to make going forward! (and sadly, vice versa)

For all of this and more, it inspired me to help all walks of breastfeeding mamas. It started small with friends, then grew with our popular baby wellness center throughout Arizona, to now helping women worldwide…

…So they could ALL become successful, confident, and in control of how they feed their baby!


I’m typically an exclamation over-indulger, so I’ll try to keep them to a minimum here!.. 😉

There I was - a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Delivery Nurse, and *I* was struggling as a first-time breastfeeding mom. Even having such a strong background with babies, I quickly realized that breastfeeding was a whole different ball game.

And I knew if I was struggling, I couldn’t imagine how many mamas out there were struggling, too. And that’s when Modern Milk was born - from the sheer desire to bring mamas together and serve. All mamas with all values, because at the end of the day - we all just want to feed our babies successfully and confidently, so they can grow strong and do amazing things in this world.

I’m honored that you’re here to do just that…

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