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Breast Pump & Baby Scale Rentals

Available Options

The Medela Symphony Hospital-Grade Pump
This double-electric breast pump is the first breast pump with 2-Phase Expression technology which is proven to achieve faster milk ejection and faster milk flow. Designed to mimic a baby’s natural nursing rhythm.

The Medela BabyWeigh II Scale
The BabyWeigh II Scale makes it easier than ever to weigh baby daily and also has the unique feature of calculating baby’s breastfeeding intake.

Need accessories?!
The Symphony pump requires tubing, bottles, valves, and flanges. Modern Milk sells individual pieces if needed or whole kits to make things convenient and easy.

To rent a pump please visit us in-store or call us at 480-999-1585

*Call before noon and get same day delivery


Why should I rent a hospital-grade pump?

Hospital-grade pumps are much stronger, more durable, and more efficient than a personal pump or the pump you might receive from your insurance. Hospital-grade pumps are built to help women establish their milk supply right from the beginning. They can help increase milk supply, and sustain it better than other pumps on the market.

How much does it cost to rent a pump and/or scale from Modern Milk?

A $40 refundable deposit is required for any rental. Our fees are based on length-of-time needed.

One week : $35
One month: $90
Three months: $250
Five months: $375
Additional months (after a 3 or 5 month rental): $75

How long can I keep my pump for?

You must agree to a minimum of 1 week. You can extend your rental at any time during your agreement for an additional fee.

Does my insurance cover a pump rental?

Each insurance company handles pump rentals differently, but some companies may reimburse you for the rental. We require fees to be paid at the time of rental.

Can I return my pump early for a partial refund?

Unfortunately, no. We regulate the amount of pumps coming and going, so at this time we cannot offer you a refund for an early return. But you are welcome to drop off your pump early if you no longer need it.

What happens if I my pump stops working?

We will gladly exchange it for a different pump if the motor isn’t working.

Can my husband/partner/mom, rent the pump for me?

Yes, anyone with a valid ID and credit card can rent a breast pump.

Do I need any accessories to make my pump function?

Yes, you will need to purchase an accessories kit to go along with your pump. We sell the Medela Accessories Kit at Modern Milk.

How do I learn how to use my pump?

Our pumps come with instruction manuals. If you continue having trouble or would like a lesson, consider scheduling a lactation consultation at Modern Milk or your home!

Does Modern Milk offer breast pump delivery?

Same-day delivery is available for orders placed before noon.
Next-day delivery is available for orders placed after noon.

The delivery fee is only $18.

*Please note we only deliver within the Metro-Phoenix Area. The boundaries in which we’ll deliver from north to south are Pinnacle Peak Rd to Queen Creek Rd. From east to west are 115th Ave. to Power Rd.

What if something happens to the pump while I am renting it?

All repair costs and replacement fees would be the responsibility of the person who signed the contract.

How do I rent a pump from Modern Milk?

Please visit in-store or call us at (480) 999-1585