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In our culture we are used to instant results, but increasing your milk supply can take some time and patience. Here are my TOP 5 TIPS to boost milk supply ASAP! (Be patient, mama, give yourself at least 3-5 days to see improvements!)

Empty Your Breasts

Breastmilk production is a supply and demand system. The more milk that is removed, the more milk your body will make! You can do this by feeding your baby more frequently or by adding in some extra pumping sessions.

Change Up Your Pump

Check all your pump parts to make sure they’re working efficiently (especially those stubborn membranes…..consider replacing with newer ones or switching to a “duckbill” membrane for better pumping output) and make sure your flanges are the right size. If your pumping output is still slacking, try renting a hospital grade breast pump. Many moms feel that these pumps making pumping more efficient, more productive and even more comfortable!

Power Pumping

Power pumping is an hour long pumping/breast massage session designed to mimic cluster feedings/growth spurts. How is it done? By alternating pumping and breast massage for an hour. We find the best results with this structure:

  • 0-20 mins: pump and massage your breasts
  • 20-30 mins: turn pump off and only massage your breasts
  • 30-40 mins: pump and massage your breasts
  • 40-50 mins: turn pump off and only massage your breasts

Do this 2x/day for 3 days for best results!

Supplements and Lactation Foods

Adding these to your daily routine is simple and many moms see improvements in their milk production. Lactation supplements can come in capsule form, tinctures and teas. Common lactation foods can be added to cookies, muffins, bars, smoothies, etc! Btw, Have you tried our Milk Miracles yet? Wink, wink…

Hand Expression

A recent study showed that moms who added hand expression to their daily routine had greater milk production. Try adding in 2-3 hand expression sessionper day of about 5 minutes and see if it helps! See below link for a great video on Hand Expression from Stanford University.