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The Breastfeeding Class


Online Breastfeeding Class

Modern Milk Breastfeeding Class

Helping Moms Confidently Breastfeed their Babies From the First Feeding and Beyond!

In “The Breastfeeding Class,” I teach everything you need to know about breastfeeding your new baby! I’ve been helping new mamas to successfully breastfeed for the past 10+ years, and I can help you too. You’ll learn the best practices and feel confident when it comes time to feed your baby for the first time! Watch the “Getting A Good Latch” lesson below for free

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The Breastfeeding Class
Lifetime access to 40+ video lessons, including real-life breastfeeding demonstrations and how-to videos with breastfeeding moms.
($275 Value)
A comprehensive printable guide outlining all module highlights.
($95 Value)
Unlimited access to Stephanie, your course instructor, and personal breastfeeding coach.
BONUS: Breastfeeding journal and tracking log.
($45 Value)
BONUS: Breastfeeding 911 module.
($80 Value)

Only $99

($495 Value)

Stephanie K

The Class Benefits

  • Self-paced video lessons so you can learn the right way to breastfeed at your own pace which means you won’t get left behind.
  • Lifetime access so if you have another baby and need a refresher you can simply login and watch the class all over again (for free).
  • Real-life breastfeeding demonstrations so you can see exactly how to create a connection with your baby which means delivery day will not be the first time you experience breastfeeding.
  • Printable Feeding journal that lets you chart your progress so you can monitor your baby’s weight and milk intake which means your baby’s weight loss or gain will not be a surprise to you.
  • Direct email access to our lactation consultants in the event you need a question answered that we didn’t cover which means you will never wonder what an answer might be.
  • Product recommendations so you don’t have to scroll endlessly looking for baby equipment which means you do not have to spend hours sifting through products that you do not need.
Why Breastfeed?


Why Breastfeed?

  • Why Breastfeed Baby?
  • Breast Changes
  • Supplies
  • How Long Should I Breastfeed?
  • Breastfeeding & Your Family
How Breastfeeding Works


How Breastfeeding Works

  • The Science of Breastfeeding
  • Supply & Demand
  • Your Breasts & Nipples
  • Your Breastmilk
  • Reflexes & Infant Behavior
Latch and Positioning


Latch & Positioning

  • Your Breastfeeding Space
  • Breastfeeding Positions
  • Getting a Good Latch
  • Is my Latch Correct?
First Few Days Breastfeeding


The First Few Days

  • The First Few Days – S.I.M.P.L.E
  • When Will my Milk Come in?
  • Feeding Frequency & Volume
  • Is Baby Getting Enough Milk?
  • What if I’m Separated from Baby?
  • What if Baby is Sleeping
Breastfeeding Basics


Feeding Basics

  • Hunger Cues
  • Efficient Feedings
  • Milk Supply & Cluster Feeding
  • Newborn Sleep & Breastfeeding
  • Bottles & Pacifiers
Breastfeeding and Nutrition


Breastfeeding & Nutrition

  • Taking Care of Yourself
  • Supplements for Mom & Baby
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Exercise
Breastfeeding 911

MODULE 7 (Bonus)

Breastfeeding 911!

  • Sore Nipples
  • Engorgement
  • Plugged Ducts
  • Mastitis
  • Thrush
  • Milk Blisters
  • Over Supply
  • Breastfeeding Problems
  • Moms!